Third Time’s the Charm


Third Time’s the Charm:

Sequel to Second Chances

Former Fredericksburg County deputy sheriff, Jon Cavanagh, has joined SLED, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. As a SLED agent, Jon’s new job is to work in tandem with other law enforcement agencies, in this case, his old boss, Sheriff Alec Harmon.

Melissa Cavanagh has been separated from her husband and children for more than a year. And time has come for her to try to pick up the pieces of the life she left behind. In order to do that though, she’s going to have to convince her estranged husband that she needs him back and that she never stopped loving him. She hopes that her husband can put their past behind them and work together to discover just who is out to get her.

SLED agent Jon Cavanagh said goodbye to love a long time ago. The last thing he ever expected was to come home one day to find his estranged wife waiting for him on his front step.

Melissa Cavanagh’s life is in danger, and she needs the help of a trustworthy man like her husband. The trouble is, gaining his trust back.

Only lots of magic will make the third time the charm for Melissa and Jon.

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