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More tells the story of a woman who refuses to let her husband go, not if science can help.

How far would you go to prevent the loss of a loved one?

A Wonderful Way to Spread the Word

Recently, I was thrilled to receive a message from fellow goodreads author Marie Lavender that my book, Soul in the Mist, was featured in a New Year’s blog post by Marie Lavender, who is a multi-genre author and creator of,, and

Please take a look at her list of reincarnation books from the past year in a post titled, “Flashbacks of 2019 and Looking Ahead to 2020”.

Thanks Marie!

And thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

His Hiding Place

His Hiding Place is the tender love story of a former soldier whose conscience was nearly torn apart by war, a woman whose fear of loving drove her to the brink of civilization, and the house that ultimately brought them together.

Conrad Garrison is a man on the run. He needs a place to hide. The unbearable cold proves too much for Garrison, a solder capable of fending for himself, and forces him out of hiding. A soldier returned from the Vietnam War, who wants to escape his past, he has found his ideal hiding place, but to keep it, he must gain the trust of a woman who has been betrayed once too often.

Nyssa Strange lives in the northeast corner of Canada at the foot of a mountain and has the safest place a man could ask for, a cabin in the wilds of the Labrador forest. She is happy to remain in her house in the woods—contact with the outside world has become a thing of the past.

She falls for the beautiful stranger who invades her private world. Determined to help hide him from the authorities, she must find the courage to leave her safe space, and in doing so, save his two-year-old daughter from becoming an orphan, a child of the dust.

Now, if the two are to survive, they must come together to fight the governments who want to tear them apart and the elements who have the power to do just that.

Available on Amazon Kindle and print.

One Thousand Words a Day


Perhaps you’re like me and you’ve read and taken to heart the advice to write a thousand words a day. It is sound advice if it keeps you on track. And perhaps if you’re also like me there are days when the words flow and fifteen hundred words pour like water. Or even better, there are those days that I achieve two thousand words and feel like I’m on top of the world. Then the next day (like this morning),  I awaken with the pure intent to cast another day like the one before, but instead of words flowing from the tap of my subconscious, I just can’t get that dream out of my head–the one where I’m talking to Tom Hardy. Did I get his name right? I can see him in my mind’s eye, playing the role of the despicable Bill Sikes in the 2007 BBC production of Oliver Twist. And what romance fan could forget him as the tormented Heathcliff in BBC’s Wuthering Heights? Continue reading “One Thousand Words a Day”

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Ten for a Bird by Tina Proffitt

Ten for a Bird

by Tina Proffitt

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Willow is a concert violinist with aspirations of becoming a writer. Private detective, Nate Parker, is a former police officer who had his career ended by the press, and he has been sent to the island by the family of one of the victims. When they meet on his first night in town and it’s revealed that Willow is a virgin, he is intrigued. But when he discovers that Willow is responsible for making the serial killer currently terrorizing the island famous with the nickname, The Lipstick Strangler, he vows to never forgive her. Willow’s life has been sheltered by her overbearing brother, the town sheriff, who’s just as clueless as she is as to who the killer could be. They know the killer is using a nursery rhyme, one line for every dead body, as his sadistic countdown to murdering Willow’s fellow violinists. One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never to be told. Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird, you must not miss. Will her dreams of romance ever take flight or will she be next? Willow must play amateur detective and do everything in her power to solve this mystery and to stop the strangler before he kills again, before the deadly countdown reaches ten.