A Wonderful Way to Spread the Word

Recently, I was thrilled to receive a message from fellow goodreads author Marie Lavender that my book, Soul in the Mist, was featured in a New Year’s blog post by Marie Lavender, who is a multi-genre author and creator of iloveromanceblog.wordpress.com, marielavender.blogspot.com, and marielavenderbooks.blogspot.com

Please take a look at her list of reincarnation books from the past year in a post titled, “Flashbacks of 2019 and Looking Ahead to 2020”.


Thanks Marie!

And thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Published by tinaproffitt

Tina Proffitt makes her home with her husband, two dogs, and her daughter's cat in Southwest Virginia. With a degree in education from USC Spartanburg, Tina homeschooled both of her now, grown children. She loves animals, animal communication, and reincarnation. She believes that life without the mystical is boring. You can reach out to her here on her website, tinaproffittbooks.com She also writes a blog, Recipes from a Writer, because she loves to bake. You can follow her on Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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