His Hiding Place

His Hiding Place is the tender love story of a former soldier whose conscience was nearly torn apart by war, a woman whose fear of loving drove her to the brink of civilization, and the house that ultimately brought them together.

Conrad Garrison is a man on the run. He needs a place to hide. The unbearable cold proves too much for Garrison, a solder capable of fending for himself, and forces him out of hiding. A soldier returned from the Vietnam War, who wants to escape his past, he has found his ideal hiding place, but to keep it, he must gain the trust of a woman who has been betrayed once too often.

Nyssa Strange lives in the northeast corner of Canada at the foot of a mountain and has the safest place a man could ask for, a cabin in the wilds of the Labrador forest. She is happy to remain in her house in the woods—contact with the outside world has become a thing of the past.

She falls for the beautiful stranger who invades her private world. Determined to help hide him from the authorities, she must find the courage to leave her safe space, and in doing so, save his two-year-old daughter from becoming an orphan, a child of the dust.

Now, if the two are to survive, they must come together to fight the governments who want to tear them apart and the elements who have the power to do just that.

Available on Amazon Kindle and print.

Published by tinaproffitt

Tina Proffitt makes her home with her husband, two dogs, and her daughter's cat in Southwest Virginia. With a degree in education from USC Spartanburg, Tina homeschooled both of her now, grown children. She loves animals, animal communication, and reincarnation. She believes that life without the mystical is boring. You can reach out to her here on her website, tinaproffittbooks.com She also writes a blog, Recipes from a Writer, because she loves to bake. You can follow her on Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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